Braden Summers

A link to this photographer’s work showed up in my facebook stream today. Some of these pictures just sizzle with creativity and artistic aesthetic.

Braden says he really loves creating portraits and celebrating romantic moments. Now this guy has created some incredible romantic moments in the past. Then one day his boyfriend suggested that he photograph a gay couple, and Braden had to ask himself why, as a gay man, that he had not thought of this instinctively?

“We’ve seen it millions of times in commercials, movies and advertising for as long as the mediums have existed. Now, I know first hand that there’s a lot of love and romance in the gay community, and what’s lacking is representation of this in these mediums. Now what we do see of the LGBT community is often overtly sexualized and sometimes deviant. I want to show a campaign that illustrates the love and romance in various cultures around the world, that communicates all love is equal.”

The results of his project are absolutely stunning.

Go immediately to Braden Summers and check his work.


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