Same-sex wedding by the sea

Wedding by the sea

Tying the Knot?

Getting Hitched?


An Extraordinary Experience

I’m in the happiness business. I touch peoples’ lives in a meaningful and distinct way by providing extraordinary experiences.

Your romance and life together with its intrigue and moments of pure love told in love-story fashion as an integral part of the ceremony.

A unique and memorable day

Imagine. Your family and friends have an opportunity to hear about your romance, the depth of your love, what you mean to each other and of your aspirations for the future, crafted in narrative form and woven into the fabric of your ceremony.

A Significant Ceremony

The most significant part of a wedding is the ceremony. From the processional to the recessional, I will help you create a ceremony that is personal and memorable. I take the time to understand your beliefs, your values, your philosophy of life, your style and what makes your bond unique.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Through a collaborative process I will guide you in choosing readings, symbols, music, and other ritual elements to meet your vision and the tone you wish to set. I empower you and I help you create a ceremony that represents and respects all that is meaningful to you.

Your celebrant, Randy

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and Contemporary Metaphysical Minister, I have been educated in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, mythology, ceremonial writing, and public speaking and presentation. I’m a ceremonial facilitator and ritual creator, trained to officiate and guide individuals, couples, families or companies and organizations through key life events.

I will work with people of any belief – secular, religious, pagan or people for whom religious institutions do not serve their ceremonial needs.