Let me show you how to worry less, stress less, and smile way more

Our session together

Think of your mind as a tool which you use to accomplish various tasks. So you do this and do that, yet when the jobs are done do you put your tool down? If you’re like most,  your mind just goes on thinking, often about the same ol’ same ol’ over and over and over. 

Let me show you how to put your mind down and worry less, stress less, and smile way more.

I introduce you to a number of practices and guide you experientially in their use.  When practised regularly you change your life to be a happier, more-at-peace you. 

90 – 120 minutes including some discussion and a Q&A. 

I’m available for a follow-up call or perhaps a tea or coffee, with any questions that may come up in the week or so following our time together.

My Journey

My journey with meditation and seeking a deeper understanding of the world around me began in earnest in 1981 when I ventured to India into the Himalayas in pursuit of the meaning of life, the universe and everything. 

On my second day at about 6 AM I sat with guru-ji in a small pyramid and received an amazing initiation; I was overjoyed because, among other things, questions I had had for years were answered to my complete satisfaction.

I spent a little over two and a half years in India, immersed in study, meditation, yoga and following a beautiful pathway to self-realization. Returning to Canada I continued my practice while living in a communal house with sweet folks I had met in India on the same quest as me. 

When I moved to Vancouver 10 years later I began to explore other consciousness-raising avenues. Through other teachers I gained a greater understanding of the nature of the “world” we live in , putting our 3D reality into a perspective I couldn’t have imagined.

In the past decade I also had an opportunity to spend time in company of an amazing shaman and embark on mind-expanding journeys with traditional, sacramental plant medicine under her guidance and as part of a small community of jubilant people where I was sometimes affectionately referred to as corner guru.

It has been an interesting journey. One I’d like to share with you and walk alongside you as you begin your own. Let me point out the milestones on the pathway.