Love Story

Your family and friends will totally appreciate hearing about the milestone moments of your relationship as a couple.
Here are some excerpts selected from ceremonies I have written. There’s love at first sight, why it works for us, and a proposal.
Imagine having your love story woven into the ceremony that will unite you in matrimony. How cool is that?

Here are excerpts from three ceremonies.

The music was quite loud as usual at Shine. Lots of people having fun, leaning in close to have their conversations, competing with the music.

Vinny is there with his friends, with the guys, doing guy things, like checking out the girls.

That’s when Vinny sees her. Somehow, they are standing next to each other.

Fae is aware there is someone standing there, having caught a glimpse just with her peripheral vision moments earlier.

Fae decides to remove her blue eyeglasses. And that’s when it happens.

She sees his face, and his amazing eyes. In Fae’s own eyes, 576 mega pixels of visual information start a chain reaction, a cascade of thoughts and emotions and feelings.

“Don’t take them off; they look cute on you”.

Vinny’s cheek touches hers as he says these words. Cheek to cheek. To this day he vividly remembers that exquisite, tactile sensation.

Fae and Vinny talk for hours, cheeks touching because of the loud music, cheeks touching to better hear one another. Vinny is forever thankful for the loud music that night.

When Vinny met Fae

Why it Works for Us – bilingual ceremony

Leur complicité et leur ressemblances sont ce qu’il les poussent en avant. Mais c’est leurs différences qui leur permettent de se dépasser et de s’ouvrir d’avantages.
Sébastien’s creativity and dynamism melds nicely with Elodie’s more gentle nature to create harmony. They have done a lot of things together: they have moved a lot, traveled a lot, changed their jobs and have had their hearts torn between two countries. Pourtant, il y a une chose qui en 11ans n’a pas changée. Ils sont toujours là, l’un pour l’autre. Tout ces choix, ces changements ils les passent un à un, ensemble. Et ca c’est une force immense dans leur couple.
Sébastien says he and Elodie live together as simply as it can be, always with love and paying attention to one another. Leur amie Ludan leur a dit un jour que leurs coeurs se parlaient. Une phrase qu’ils n’ont jamais oubliée et qu’ils chérissent et se remémorent régulièrement.

Later that summer at their friend Danielle’s party, Rick once again says that Victoria was all he could think about.

“No matter what else was going on that day, my thought’s went back to Victoria. I just know that Victoria is the best thing to ever happen to me and I want to be this happy forever.”

Victoria says “Rick makes me feel like nothing bad can happen to me when I’m with him. I have a level of trust that I’ve never achieved with anyone else.”

On the one-year anniversary of their first date, Rick told Victoria he wanted to invite her over and to cook her dinner. Rick bought 12 red roses. 11 of them line the stairs leading up to his place. He also puts red and white candles on the steps alongside the roses.

The Romance of the Rose, a thirteenth-century French poem, was one of the most popular works of literature of the Middle Ages. It was the allegorical search by the author for a red rose in an enclosed garden, symbolizing the woman he loved, and was a description of love in all of its aspects. The red rose portrays beauty, passion, courage and respect.

Inside his apartment, Rick had also hung a Happy Anniversary sign in the hallway.

Victoria arrives and is captivated by the roses and candles rising on the stairs as she makes her way to Rick’s apartment. As she enters, Rick is there holding the remaining red rose. She hears their song playing in the background.

Rick says “I thought the day I met you was the happiest day of my life. But I’m wrong. Every day since then has been the happiest day of my life.”

Victoria sees Rick sink to the floor on one knee. She sees him holding out a ring. He’s proposing. “Oh my god!”…

Will You Marry Me?